No salary for JAKFED employees


Daily Excelsior deserves full marks for constant coverage of the corrupt institution like JAKFED. The Deptt has been destroyed 70 percent by its few own corrupt employees and 30 percent by the deputationists who were sent by the Govt to serve there from time to time. Two decades back the Pillay Commission was formed to scrutinize the activities of JAKFED. But the recommendations of that Commission were ignored by the then political Govts. Pillay Commission had considered JAKFED department as a castle built in the air as the said department could not prepare its balance sheet on yearly basis 1986 onwads. Rather its own officials did not bother to get it done just to hide their corrupt foul plays. Therefore its fall was certain.
The Governor has taken a good but very late decision to wind it up once for all. But it is surprising that the main culprits who have looted JAKFED mercilessly are still enjoying the luxuries of life whereas hundreds of innocent in service and retired employees are suffering due to the corrupt officers and officials. The innocent in service employees have not been released the salaries from months together and other retirees are crying for their retiral emoluments.
The State Govt is requested to take a stern action against the most corrupt responsible for the present State of the department. The money looted by them should be recovered from them and they may face stern action as per law.
If they are spared, what is the fun of winding up the institution. An early action is needed in the matter.
An employee of