No propriety, no legitimacy-OIC ”inviting” Hurriyat

Since Pakistan is hosting Foreign Ministerial meeting of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) next week, how can its organisers succumb to the desperate moves of their host in ”inviting” Hurriyat leaders from Kashmir to the said meet? Perhaps, there needs some homework to be done by the OIC in trying to know all about the Hurriyat which is a deflated and scattered disarrayed group of secessionist elements with an anti India agenda impliedly even supporting Pakistan backed , supported , armed and indoctrinated militants who have been indulging in violent activities in Jammu and Kashmir , particularly in the Kashmir valley for nearly four decades. It needs to be fairly known that several of its leaders are currently in jails for having committed various offences mostly in the form of illegal financial activities and money laundering to fund terror groups and thus are trying to provide oxygen to such killers of innocents . Most of these ”leaders” have come up with assets built with the proceeds of such illegal financial deals and updated records regarding such properties having been seized so far runs into hundreds . More could be confiscated as the investigations are continuing and are in progress as several of them have been receiving terror funds as per the investigations of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and charge sheets against more who have been found the actual recipients involved in terror funding are being filed in the NIA Court .
When on the one hand, there is a growing tendency of zero tolerance towards any kind of terrorism among the countries of the world and equally any move or support from any quarter to terrorism falling in the same group should , therefore, never receive any attention of inviting any type of meetings or events at any forum by any country or group of countries. Such an invitation from the OIC to this Group, therefore, is tantamount to giving legitimacy to elements advocating secessionism, violence and working against sovereignty and territorial integrity of India. India cannot be cowed down by such vain boasts at the behest of Pakistan in catching up straws and rugs and tiny dry braches for support for its so called claim on Kashmir , now albeit through such forums . It is , therefore, in the fitness of things for the OIC to learn from the trend of the present day world in avoiding conflicts and instead should be concentrating on economic cooperation and strengthening regional and global peace . Ukraine conflict has redefined the malaise of international meddling in others’ affairs. Therefore, Indian Government has very rightly rejected and rubbished any type of invitation or according any sort of importance to those elements like Hurriyat etc which in the country have been working against the constitution , security , sovereignty and territorial integrity of India and treats such uncalled for invitations as blatant interference in India’s internal matters which has unpleasant fallout at diplomatic levels.
It is quite unfortunate that the organisers of the meet should be guided by narrow and petty considerations as the one under reference at the behest of Pakistan and should be well advised to desist in future from such ”influence” exerted by any quarters like at present by its host to influence the judgment and propriety of the OIC to embark upon such a pursuit to invite divisive forces of the country to its events and meets. No occasion should be provided by the OIC to have its platform used to pass remarks and comments against India . In fact, OIC has repeatedly been told by the Indian Government about this but it appears that it has the tendency to get ”influenced” by certain vested interests which can only be rejected and objected to as also strongly resisted by India. An obsolete, worn out, unsubstantiated and one sided vested agenda of one of the members of the OIC should , therefore, not receive any type of support or legitimacy.