No premium on frauds

Despicable acts of tampering with the birth certificates by some state employees both in officer and subordinate cadre are not made to face the rigors of law for reasons not known. The motive behind manipulating birth certificates is to cause loss to the public exchequer as such unlawful acts can result in prolonging their service period. The departments where these errant officials are working , as per reports, have not initiated any steps to get court stays vacated  which is tantamount to camouflaging the illegal and unethical acts of tampering of the vital, rather the main document, of one’s service in any office. Can the crime branch as well as the concerned departments put forth the itinerary showing the progress of the probe into the matter under reference and the present status of the matter? Is it that under the pretext, if not the alibi of court stays, they are under the illusion that they are not accountable for their performance? The investigations, as a natural corollary, should be completed in a time bound manner but in these cases it is in utter deficit.
It is almost more than three years when these frauds surfaced and the Crime Branch till date is seen feeling quite “satisfied” by terming the status of the cases as “under examination”. Is there any explicit or implicit “understanding” at any stage to let the matter see the dust over it getting settled? Such understanding, if any, going by the pace of progress in the cases, must know that it would ultimately mean carrying coals to new castle. There is eagle eyed surveillance of all those who know the detestable act of forging particulars about one’s date of birth. It could well be judged, other things remaining the same, that with such a shoddy background, how could such employees be expected to be honest and of impeccable nature in discharging their official duties.  Similarly, the “status of other cases” has been shown “under examination” or as “sub judice” . Is there no provision of follow up worth the name, to get the interim orders of the Courts reviewed or modified depending upon how the cases are presented in the Courts? In addition to the employees with taint, the need is to inquire into the causes and the motive of apparently going not only slow by the crime Branch but not even at the proverbial snail’s pace which is a matter of concern. How can that be put up with?
A few instances of unexplained criminal dilly dallying tactics adopted in such fraud cases by the concerned Crime Branch, for our readers, need to be enumerated.  The case of an official of the Public Health Engineering Department in Chadoora Kashmir Division found involved in this type of criminal tampering, was forwarded by the Assistant Inspector General of Vigilance Organization Srinagar on Aug 10, 2015 is shown as “under examination”. Another similar case, that of an employee of J&K Employees Provident Fund Organization found involved in committing the same fraud in 2010 and accordingly an FIR was registered with the concerned officials of the Crime Branch Srinagar . That case too has the status of being “sub judice” and that is all. Even after seven long years, no investigations worth the name, have been made. Is this the type of seriousness accorded to tackling of such crimes by those who are supposed to have zero tolerance for such planned cheating?
There are more similar cases which have the same modus operandi and are enjoying impunity so far instead of having got exemplary punishment. It may be noted that no authority can circumvent the usual provisions of the law by awarding fines or slicing of an increment or dishing out any other such “action” in such matters as these are frauds committed with  criminal conspiracy  and only Courts have the jurisdiction to decide the fate of such cases. We shall be keenly watching the developments taking place in all such cases and how fast these cases travel to logical conclusions with intent to have the delinquent officials suitably punished.