No insensitivity towards specially- abled

It is a scourge, an act of sheer insensitivity if we do not look after those who are specially abled in our society and such mentality needs to be countered and defeated. Chief Election Commissioner O. P . Rawat has said that the aim of the poll panel is to ensure that no voter was left behind during the course of the forth coming polls . Election Commission has taken a serious note of the lack of proper attention towards such members of our society when they visited polling stations to cast their valuable vote.
Election Commission has decided to address this challenge with a short term, long term goals and timelines. The question as to why such voters do not get the requisite facilities needs to be addressed, now for onwards especially during the upcoming polls including the General Election next year.
It is not that certain provisions in this regard have not been taken but either they are felt inadequate or they are punctuated with lot many loopholes and gaps . It is because of insensitivity or lack of sensitivity in the views of the CEC. The experts must prepare a roadmap in this regard as was desired and firmly opined by Rawat as the sections under reference were vulnerable sections of the society. “Sky is the limit”, said Rawat in connection with defeating any thinking that there were enough measures and steps taken to address  their needs implying that a lot more was needed to be done. It may be recalled that the CEC means business, after having got many inputs not favourable in the instant most sensitive issue,  the specially – abled members of our society.