Goal of good governance in J&K

After walking out of an alliance with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir State followed by imposition of Governor’s rule, the first statement coming from the Prime Minister describes the goal of the NDA Government in the State being good governance, development, responsibility and accountability.
Coining this new phrase for the State has bearing on more than one reasons preceding the imposition of Governor’s rule and pointing towards the Coalition Government not having delivered on these basic requirements in which even though the PDP had its upper hand of the hegemonic nature as felt by the parting coalition partner all along to the extent of succumbing, all in the interests of averting a situation as of now, still good governance could not be found there as expected.
Right from the day of being in office, the NDA Government desired and actually worked for treating Kashmir issue locally with suffusing economic development and a whooping amount of over Rs.80000 crore with additions was granted for the purpose. Only on May 19, this year, on his visit to the State to inaugurate certain prime projects including 330 mw Kishanganga Hydroelectric power project, he was optimistic about a turnaround in the development of the state and said, “Kashmir will gradually become the rising star of New India.”
Accommodating the coalition partner as also the opposition parties  by the Central Government for a unilateral suspension of anti terror operation so that no bullet was fired to restore confidence in the people and to have truce and relative calm in the Valley, which move was aborted and disrupted both by the agent saboteurs of Pakistan in the valley as also by Pakistan itself on the LoC and the IB, deflated the positive expectations of the Government which had to face severe criticism for having acceded to such a request at the outset.
Since believing in let bygones be bygones, Prime Minister Modi  reiterated his government’s desire to see good governance in the State. He also referred to the appointment of interlocutor in the State and said that he was in touch with many people in reply to a question on whether there was any possibility of a  dialogue with stakeholders in the State. About Dineshwar Sharma, the interlocutor appointed by the Central Government, he said that Sharma was travelling to the interiors  and engaging with the people . It may be recalled that during the recent visit to the state by the Home Minister, an offer was made, many  steps  further from the brief of Sharma , about  talks with right minded people . Even that offer was spurned by those for whom it was a chance to avail of, probably at the behest of the belligerent neighbor.
However, the role of the security personnel deployed in the valley was highly appreciated by the Prime Minister during the course of the interview by saying that the “brave” and “eternally vigilant” security forces  were ensuring peace and prosperity for 125 crore Indians. The PM touched various topics right from Kashmir to Maoist violence and from a push to infrastructure and social empowerment to positive change in the lives of the poor and his thrust on non violence and development to taking jibe at Rahul Gandhi whose Congress Party, he termed as like a Regional Party.