No facilities for infirm electors

Flagrant violations of the Supreme Court and Election Commission of India’s directives to provide facilities to the disabled and the infirm voters came to the fore during the phase 1 of the Urban Bodies elections held in the three regions of the state. Difficulties were encountered by them due to the absence of these facilities not only in the peripheries but the main towns as well.
Election authorities are under instructions, therefore, for ensuring all necessary assistance as may be required to the specially abled electors at all polling stations and where permanent ramps were not provided, temporary ones had to be made to facilitate smooth and inconvenience free voting by such voters. Not only about providing of such facilities including allowing one attendant to accompany such voter right up to casting actual vote but wide publicity about the facility was to be given to motivate other such voters to come out to cast their vote and exercise their democratic right.
We hope in the subsequent phases and elections to Panchayats, this aspect shall duly be taken care of and necessary arrangements and required preparations made beforehand in this respect.