New legislature complex in Jammu

Having become hostage to various administrative procedural formalities including erratic releasing of funds position coupled with bifurcation of the erstwhile state into two Union Territories, the work on the much hyped but considerably delayed project of new legislature complex in Jammu suffered many a time and finally got stalled. An amount of over Rs.95 crore having already been spent on it so far, the urgency to restart the work on it has now been felt. It is, however, a matter of satisfaction that the work on the proposed complex is expected to be started soon.
However, certain changes in the original design and structure are proposed to be made on account of the abolition of the Upper House. Absence of a formal administrative approval was also a contributory factor for not releasing of the funds smoothly. Had that been done, the project perhaps would have not suffered for years but would have been completed. Changes in the DPR and completing other formalities would lead to restarting of the work and expectedly within a year, the complex will be all ready.