New Interlocutor

Nomination of Dineswar Sharma as an Interlocutor should be welcomed because the Valley is going repeatedly unbridled. Now as per experience, the leaders and the organisations will meet the new Interlocutors to give their opinions. The interesting thing connected to the latest interlocutor sent to the state to locate the problems is that this time it is from Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) that claims to resolve the Kashmir problem. Every effort for resolving Kashmir issue should be received with good gesture. However, the problem is that we have seen many interlocutors on behalf of the Government or those who on their own behalf worked for the peace but resultantly failed in bringing the peace, partially due to keeping the reports in cold storage or showing helplessness in resolving the problems. Let us us watch this new process and hope that this time it will not be just for killing the time.
Yours etc….
Sanjay Khajuria