New Ganderbal Power House

Four decades back a power project conceived, remains till date non operative and pathetically has not seen the light of the day. It is about much hyped 93 MW Ganderbal Hydel Project. We have, in addition to it,  nine megawatt Sewa 3 project already defunct for the last six years due to a portion of its canal getting washed away by flash floods of River Ravi in 2012 with no headway in reconstruction and repair works, all because of casual approach of the State Government.
Since  restoring Sewa Power Project phase three and constructing Ganderbal New Power Project have not received any cogent and preferred attention from the State Government, overcoming power shortage in the State and the resultant boost in the economy, in whatever magnitude, has remained an illusion.
The project was designed for generating nine MW of power from its three units. It is claimed by the authorities that they are in the process of rejuvenating the project and restore the portion of water conductor which was damaged in flash floods of River Ravi. The outgoing Government had started the process of constructing the project after getting a cabinet nod last mid year. The project work was reportedly assigned to HSS Pvt. Ltd; but some dispute arose in respect of taking unusually a longer time by it in responding. An earnest amount of the company too stands withheld and the work has not been kick started. The Government must look into the issue from the angle of how much is the importance  and urgency of power requirement in our State looking to growing demand with a mismatch of supply.