Militant Visa

It has  reference to the news item “Militants got Pak visa with Hurriyat reference” (DE June 8, 2018). I fail to understand what message the investigating agency is going to put forth by this assertion.
It is an open book that Hurriyat Conference, both factions, is the political front to camouflage the terrorist activities. In fact, by recommending visa of a terrorist, they are furthering their agenda of anti India campaign.
Pakistan, separatists and terrorists can go to any extent as long as they succeed in bleeding India and there is no doubt about it. In the process they are making their fortunes.
The assertion in return makes a big question mark on the policies of the Union Ministry and the law and order and intelligence agencies. What measures are being taken by them to frustrate the evil designs of Pakistan and its agents? While the nationalist forces are being ignored, the separatists, terrorists and stone pelters are showered benefits. Anti India campaign has become an instrument in  the hands of anti-India forces to get benefits from the Indian Government. One is not unaware of the fact how the separatists have managed  lucrative employments for their wards through back doors with the blessings from the day to day Governments at State or Central level. We should not blame Pak only but introspect ourselves.
Dissent is the essence of a democracy but if the dissent is anti-national in  nature, it needs to be weeded out than nurturing it. Talking to separatists for resolution of the issue is one thing and protecting them and nurturing them on public exchequer is another thing. Hope that good sense prevails amongst the persons at the helm of affairs.
S M Pandit