Need to develop promising Jammu tourist resorts

In order to generate economic activities and to open employment opportunities besides giving a push to associated infrastructure and ensuring contribution towards strengthening the State economy in whatever measure, it was imperative to have a relook into how ace tourist resorts in Jammu division were treated by the Government . It would be found out that the approach was nothing short of a blatant neglect. Either the existing potential has not been reckoned in terms of exploitation for tourism related activities or in absence of a comprehensive broad based State Tourism Policy , only a ‘selected few’ received the attention of the Government in respect of their development and maintenance .
An overall look at how Sanasar, Mantalai, Dudu and the like in Jammu division faced utter inattention and indifference from the previous State Governments and their concerned agencies, would reveal the enormity of the problem . Who would not like to see and enjoy the famous and scenic waterfall at Dudu but the State Tourism Department has made no arrangements to exploit it to the hilt as a tourist spot of a speciality. That is quite unfortunate part of the story but requiring prompt resolution.
When we talk of tourism and pointed tourist spots , we do not talk in wilderness or in fantasies or only about the core places but how the place was connected , how the system of communication, public utilities en-route , conveyance and transport facilities, lodging and eating facilities along with entertainment like cultural activities etc were in place and whether they needed further improvement. That being the basics of when we talk of promoting tourism but it is quite unfortunate that when the Central Government and in particular the Prime Minister lay so much emphasis on road connectivity , the present condition of roads of the tourist spots under reference , falling in Udhampur and Ramban districts is pitiable . In spite of spate of road accidents in Kishtwar, Doda, Budhal etc claiming more than 55 precious lives , the Government seems to be unfazed . We hardly need to remind area wise casualties due to recurring road accidents in these areas otherwise loaded with lot of tourism related potential.
How could aspiring tourists dare to embark upon visiting interesting tourist spots freely in these areas when the basic facility , that of roads is not satisfactory, let alone be up to the mark. The encouraging part, though being because of the speciality of their own class, thousands of tourists are visiting these places – all coming from Jammu , Udhampur, Ramban, Doda, Katra, Samba, Kathua and even from the adjoining areas from Punjab and other States. In fact, roads and associated infrastructure leading to the core spot must bear the festivity and the symptoms of something special signifying that a spot of attraction was nearby to enjoy and had it been so, the turnout of tourists would have been unimaginable.
On the contrary , roads being in dilapidated and damaged condition, strewn with the debris of landslides or what remained of the last rains on them, were proving of repelling instead of attracting nature so far as tourists inflow was concerned. Mantalai- Latti and Dudu – Latti roads were built in 1978 and 1983 respectively but since then , no one has ever cared to repair and improve the vital roads while most of the patches on the roads are still not blacktopped . Look in contrast in the posh areas and those areas which are thronged by VIPs and State bureaucrats in the city , roads otherwise in good condition are continuously improved , beautified and rebuilt though there hardly is any need for that. We urge the State Government to devote a fortnight exclusively towards focussing attention on these prized spots of tourist attraction so that needs and requirements of basic infrastructure could be assessed to be implemented. Let Jammu and Kashmir not lag behind in exploring and exploiting all of its promising tourist spots and feel how tourism industry was lucrative in generating economic activities .