NDPI urges LG to declare J&K alcohol free

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Apr 20: National Democratic Party Indian (NDPI) president Rajesh Gupta has urged Lieutenant Governor GC Murmu that Jammu and Kashmir be declared a dry Union Territory.
He demanded that all alcohol shops and bars should be banned immediately, while referring to the growing menace of alcoholism, especially in Jammu.
NDPI chief said, “Alcohol is an extremely bad thing and a big problem. It should be banned across the Union Territory.”
He said the ban on alcohol sales will result in fewer collisions and traffic casualties. Alcohol-related crimes and domestic violence will drop by 75% street poverty and vagrancy will dropped by 80%, along with decreases in alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour.
Rajesh Gupta emphasized the liquor is cause of social distraught, while the civil society members, social activists and business community has already called for immediate ban on the sales of alcohol in the UT like Gujarat, Bihar and Lakshadweep.


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