NAUP President holds party meet in Samba

National Awami United Party workers during meet at Samba.
National Awami United Party workers during meet at Samba.

Excelsior Correspondent

SAMBA, May 13: National Awami United Party (NAUP) president, Sandeep Singh Manhas conducted a significant party meeting in Samba to motivate and inspire party members towards effective leadership.
The meeting was attended by prominent figures including Lok Sabha candidate Shikha Bandral, General Secretary of NAUP and Deepak Singh Charak, Jammu Provincial president, alongside numerous enthusiastic party workers.
Bandral, highlighting her own journey as a testament, expressed the need to address critical issues such as water and electricity scarcity in Samba, especially during the sweltering summer season. She urged the authorities to expedite the resolution of these pressing issues.
President Sandeep Singh Manhas took a critical stance against the current Government, particularly targeting the BJP. He questioned the BJP’s criticism of freebies.
Manhas asserted that this ration, purportedly distributed by the BJP, is merely the leftover stock from their godowns, questioning why the BJP Government is not providing employment opportunities instead. He emphasized NAUP’s commitment to providing a platform for every deserving candidate overlooked by other political parties, ensuring their empowerment and representation.