Natural pesticides for healthy living

Ashok Gupta
A pesticide is a substance that disrupts or kills organism that we consider to be pests such as weeds damaging insects or microbes that cause disease.
Natural pesticides are pesticides that are made by other organisms usually for their own defence,or are desired from a natural source such as mineral or plant.Natural pesticides are eco friendly, safe for use and very effective when used correctly. However, they are having short residual activity and somewhat less pest specific actionespecially when compared to newer synthetic pesticides.
Natural pesticides for indoor use:-
* Natural dusts
* Boric Acid
Natural pesticides for Gardens :
* Neem oil
* insecticidal soap
*  Rolenone
* Spinosad
* Pyrethrum
* Diatomaceous earth (is a dry,powdery material natural dust derived from shells of marine organisms)
Every gardener should be armed with insecticidal soap plus at least one relatively broad spectrum but low toxicity pesticide like neem oil spinosad or pyrethrum.These natural pesticides will handle most of your garden pests in a safe and eco friendly manners.
How to make natural pesticides :-
The best way to make natural pesticides is to use natural products that you have around your house.Garden pests are repelled or killed by a  number of safe and natural products.
Here are few natural insect repellent recipes.
Organic pest control Recipe 1
* one head garlic
* Table spoon dish soap(not containing bleach)
* table spoon mineral or vegetable oil
4 2 cups of water.
Peel the garlic cloves and purée the cloves along with oil and water.Allow the to sit over night and strain the mixture,pour into spray bottle and use on infected plants.
Recipe No. 2
1) tablespoon of vegetable oil
2) 2 tablespoon baking soma
3) 1 table spoon of dish spoon
4) 500 ml of water
Combine ingredients and pour into spray bottle
Use this for organic spray
Recipe No. 3
* 1/2 cup chopped hot pepper
* 2 cup water
3 2 table spoon dish soap ( do not use soap containing bleaching powder)
Purée peeper : Add water. Keep it for overnight. Pour into spray bottle after adding dish soap
Oils :  Neem oil:- is best pesticides. Its spray controls aphids, whiteflies, grasshopper, and caterpillars
Tulsi oil is a mild pesticide
Olive oil Can also be used as mild pesticide for flies
PRECAUTION:- Before use, the home made pesticides should be tested on   a small portion of the plant,dilute it as per requirement and sensitivity of the plant. Avoid using bleach based soaps. Do not spray home mixture to any plant on a hot sunny day as it will lead to burning of plant. First time user should mild/lipless concentrated home made pesticides and be used underneath the leaves also.
(The author is former Joint Director Floriculture)