Natural Knee Resurfacing

Dr Manuj Wadhwa
A breakthrough in latest concepts in Knee Replacement Surgery combines benefits of minimally invasive surgery, patient specific implants with higher flexibility, modified pain control concepts and minimal bleeding even to suit our young as well as active geriatric population.
Natural Knee Resurfacing – NKR is an active Knee Solution created for active arthritis patients seeking options beyond traditional total knee replacement. This advanced technology aims to provide more normal motion and higher performance through natural preservation of bone and soft tissues.
In other words, Our Natural Knee Joint has 3 compartments and mostly single or 2 compartments are affected by arthritis. Many patients with unicompartmental or bicompartmental OA are getting TKA’s today. In conclusion, The concept of NKR is RESTORE THE ORIGINAL, only resurface the damaged areas and rest of natural joint is preserved explained Dr. Manuj Wadhwa – Chairman and Executive Director, Elite Institutes of Orthopaedic and Joint replacement.
However, many arthritis patients go untreated today, because they are judged too young for replacement surgery. Likewise, Total Knee Replacement and with Natural Knee Resurfacing technology is a boon to aid misery of those young arthritics where demand is high bending, active lifestyle and long lasting implant coatings and on top of it is continued preservation of patient’s natural bone and soft tissue structures.
This new, innovative minimally invasive procedure may help individuals who face advanced osteoarthritis of the knee and hip continuing “Keeping pace with life”. As outcomes following joint replacement continue to improve, the demand for less traumatic and less invasive surgery has increased, shifting the challenge towards effective techniques that reduce pain and lead to a quicker recovery
New Generation patients demand:
* Increased function
* Quicker recovery
* Less pain
* Long life of Implant
* Restore my Original Joint
NKR gives them all. Moreover, NKR is a new paradigm in conservative knee replacement surgery. Above all, Natural Knee Resurfacing – NKR is less invasive, bone and tissue conserving surgery as compared to traditional TKR.
To Sum Up, Key Feature of Natural Knee Resurfacing – NKR “Resurface only the affected compartments, leaving healthy bone, cartilage and ligaments intact”
(The author is Chairman & Executive Director Elite Institutes of Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement IVY Hopitals Punjab / PARAS Hospitals Panchkula)