Natrang stages ‘Vanaspati Ka Doctor’

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A scene from the play ‘Vanaspati Ka Doctor’ staged by Natrang at Jammu on Sunday.
A scene from the play ‘Vanaspati Ka Doctor’ staged by Natrang at Jammu on Sunday.

JAMMU, Mar 15: Natrang in its Sunday theatre series presented a new Japanese play in Hindustani, “Vanaspati Ka Doctor” and prides to bring the best of the world literature masterpieces through theatre in Jammu.
The play has been originally written by Kenzi Miyazava in Japanese and translated by Tomoko Kichuki in Hindi was directed by Neeraj Kant.
The play highlights the situation of ignorance among people and how they can be easily influenced and exploited by few politicians or other professionals due to their lack of knowledge.
The plot of the play revolves around a young doctor who decides to establish a business. His main purpose is to gain maximum profit rather than helping the society. Since he does not have a formal degree in medicine, he decides to open a clinic for the treatment of plants. For this purpose, he goes to a certain village where there are plenty of farmers and the whole economy of the village is dependent on agriculture. His luck shines when a lot of farmers complain about a seed that doesn’t germinate properly. Without having much thought, carelessly the doctor gives all the farmers the same medicine. This action however backfires and all the crop of the farmers is lost in the process. The medicine is actually an acid that damages the crop further. All the farmers go back to the doctor and complain and share their grievances. Here the playwright strongly projects the character of Japanese, after having realised that what damage doctor has done to the profession and the society he decides to turn into a new leaf by getting more knowledge about his field and strives hard working for the betterment of the society. In a very comic manner, the play strongly glorifies the value system in a Japanese society and culture.
The main role of the doctor was played by Mahikshit Singh, the role of farmers were played by Syed Mudassar Ali, Pankaj Verma, Shekhar Sharma, Shubham Soni and Shivam Singh. The presentations were done by Gaurav Jamwal and the show was coordinated by Aarushi Thakur.


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