Natrang presents Urdu play ‘Aab-E-Hayaat’

A scene from the play 'Aab -E -Hayaat' presented by Natrang in its Sunday Theatre.
A scene from the play 'Aab -E -Hayaat' presented by Natrang in its Sunday Theatre.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Dec 8: This Sunday witnessed the performance of yet another new well designed Urdu play ‘Aab E Hayaat’ at Natrang’s Sunday Theatre.
The play is based on the story of legendary writer Munshi Prem Chand and has been directed by Neeraj Kant. The play opens at a very mysterious and weird laboratory of one ‘Dr Ghosh’ who is famous for his out of the box inventions. He is shown very excited as he is going to do the biggest experiment of his life today and for this, he has invited four elderly people at his place who would volunteer to get the experiment done on them.
All the four elderly people ‘Lala Kirorimal’, ‘Vikram Singh’, ‘Daya Ram’ and ‘Chanchal Kuwar’ have their pasts well linked to each other though they had committed many sins in their life but are fed up with the effect of age to their bodies and to their surprise, Dr Ghosh tells them that he has got some wonder water which can reverse the effect of age and can make them young once again. What else they could dream of, but Dr Ghosh puts one condition that they can drink as much water and can become as young as they want to but they have to promise that they will not commit all those sins and mistakes which they have done in their youth, to which they readily agreed.
A miracle happened, after drinking the wonder water they all turned young but instantly forgot their promise and again start to plot their usual malpractices; they even ridicule ‘Dr Ghosh’. But to their surprise and dismay, the wonder water was just an intoxication whose effect lasts as fast as it captures the senses. Though the mirage ends and they all become old once again justifying Doctor’s experiment that we don’t leave our instincts no matter how much promises we make.
Those who acted in the play were Gopi Sharma, Kuldeep Angral, Mihir Gujral, Brijesh Avtar Sharma and Kananpreet Kaur. The lights were operated by Neeraj Kant. Aarti Devi did the Music and the presentations were done by Toyab Hussain. Mohd Yaseen coordinated the show.