Natrang presents Hindi comedy play ‘Chor’

A scene of Hindi play 'Chor' presented by Natrang in Jammu on Sunday.
A scene of Hindi play 'Chor' presented by Natrang in Jammu on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 23: Natrang presented Hindi comedy play ‘Chor’ in its Sunday Theatre Series, at Natrang Studio, here today.
The Play has been written by Rajindra Kumar Sharma and directed by Neeraj Kant.
Equipped with situational comedy and surprise elements, the play received applauses at different punches and dialogues.
A dramatic household incident was presented in a much theatrical manner. In the play, one ‘Naresh’ is in sound sleep in the middle of the night who got disrupted by some unexpected noise in the room.
To his dismay, he finds a girl in a thief’s guise who threatens him to surrender money on gun-point. He pleaded for mercy, but the thief was undeterred and appeared hard core professional. But incidentally, he was able to grab the gun from her and tries to scare her but to his surprise, it was a fake gun.
The girl changed her tone and started blackmailing him, saying she will shout and blame him for molestation, if he does not surrender money. Hearing the hue and cry, Naresh’s brother-in-law and wife appeared from the next room and showed their displeasure over the closed room happenings.
When ‘Naresh’ finally surrenders and shows his helplessness, it was revealed that the lady-thief was indeed his sister-in-law who wanted to make her first meeting dramatic and unforgettable.
Natrang actors who took part in the play included Arti Devi, Rishav Sharma, Kananpreet Kaur and Sushant Singh Charak.
The lights were designed by Neeraj Kant and Music was rendered by Chahat Katyal. The show was coordinated by Mohd Yaseen.