National Task Force on pandemic


Perhaps  what the Government should have on its own done has been initiated by the Supreme Court to facilitate a public health response to the COVID pandemic on professional basis in the form of setting up of a National Task Force. The Task Force is on the national level comprising 12 members which primarily the Bench of the court felt necessary as a result of some confusion and reported mismanagement of oxygen for the needy patients as also allocation of the same to states. Though for augmenting the supply of oxygen various steps have been taken by the Government including importing the same from many countries and upping domestic production, however, such steps if taken well in time and to review the due preparedness could have resulted in better management of the second wave of the virus which still is spreading like a wild fire. The Task Force comprising people from different walks of life mainly from the medical fraternity, professionals, academicians, bureaucrats etc and even its convenor, ex-officio member and the like having been identified by the court itself, it is expected to bear much required satisfactory results, management of COVID related treatment as also response of the patients and the needy people. The Task Force having been set up is, therefore, expected to function in the right earnest to deliver and supervise as also direct. It may be recalled that similarly a Committee was constituted by the Court also in respect of the farmers’ demands who have been agitating for repealing of new Farm Law