National Landslide Risk Mitigation Project

Does the administrative set up of the State Government appear to be conversant with which benefits were accruable to it from the National Pool via different designated schemes or it feigned ignorance to avoid completing formalities like submission of Detailed Project Reports, proposals , reports of feasibility , procedures and requirements , statements of periodic expenditure of funds etc . If it is not so, how can it be accounted for that Jammu and Kashmir state has failed to obtain any benefit of National Landslide Risk Mitigation Project which is being run by the National Disaster Management Authority, till date. We , as a state, should have been more circumspect looking to the landslides occurring not only routinely during rainy seasons but claiming many precious lives too as a result thereof every year and recent incidents on Batote- Doda- Kishtwar National Highway is an unfortunate stark testament of the same.
It is well discernible that many parts of Jammu and Kashmir encounter landslides in rainy season, especially on account of heavy downpours during monsoon which disrupts traffic movement even for days together with telling effect on the smooth transportation of essential commodities from one place to the other, yet to fight it out to a larger extent and to ensure the effect of such landslides were mitigated, it has not moved towards the available right direction so far.
When push comes to a shove and various unutilized options available are subjected to exposure, issues like the one get surfaced. At the outset, the entire administrative goof in the matter needs to be inquired into and accountability fixed. It becomes more relevant and appropriate as concerned officers from the State are reported to have participated in the discussions on landslides risk mitigation conducted by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) a number of times and most importantly, they are reported to have contributed to the development of guidelines of the scheme as well. When we could utilize the available talent to improve upon the formulation of guidelines and appreciably so, it looks ludicrous that we should keep ourselves detached and virtually stand-offish when availing of benefits under the concerned project was concerned.
However, such a scenario has been viewed seriously by the Chief Secretary who has directed the Department of Disaster Management , Relief and Rehabilitation to prepare the detailed project report strictly as per the guidelines of NDMA and submit the same for approval and funding. It is worth noting that National Landslide Risk Mitigation Project (NLRMP) approved by the erstwhile Planning Commission of India is being run by NDMA and almost all the hilly states are obtaining benefit from this scheme for lessening the impact and the risks due to landslides excepting Jammu and Kashmir State. Looking incredible, indeed.
Certain pertinent questions do arise as to whether the State Government has officially made designated officers aware of and assigned due responsibilities to them in this regard? Whether proper and professionally reckoned assessments have been conducted so far which must be mandatory and not optional for availing of the benefits under the NDMA as well as from the NLRMP? Whether repeatedly underlying the need to earmarking of special funds for State Disaster Management Authority for landslide disaster management has been taken seriously by the State Government so far? Whether any regulatory limitations are being imposed on wanton mining operations and indiscriminate quarrying which largely contribute to occurring of landslides or for “various reasons”, attention is afforded to be not focused thereon? Now let us see and monitor what comes out of the administrative directives for preparation of Detailed Project Reports within shortest possible time to obtain the much desired benefits by the state, of course, with proper accountability and transparency.