Narinder Bhasin’s Real-life Stories

O P Sharma

Name of the book : Aasen Da Chann
(collection of short stories
in Dogri)
Author : Narinder Bhasin
Publisher : Hemant Prakashan,
Talab Tillo, Jammu.

Aasen Da Chann, is a collection of typical short stories in Dogri by the renowned writer and broadcaster Narinder Bhasin. This book contains a total of 14 short stories which amply reflect the realities of life in our society.
This 152-page book was released at an impressive function held recently at J&K Cultural Academy complex at which the Senior Advocate D C Raina was chief guest; Prof Lalit Magotra, convener, Dogri Advisory Board, Shaitya Akademi, New Delhi presided while the president, Dogri Sanstha, Chhatrarpal was present All the speakers profusely underlined the literary merit of Narinder Bhasin. A galaxy of noted writers, academicians, artists, students and prominent citizens attended the function.
Typical Stories
This Dogri book contains typical stories mostly related to Duggar region which hold the sustained interest of the readers with their real-life characters who often impart one or the other lessons and give glimpses of actual social setting, cultural heritage and hardships confronting the common man ( and women too). One distinguishing feature is that the problems are not only brought to the forefront but attempts have also been made to seek solutions and also the way forward. . Mr Bhasin, who is keen observer of men and matters, has given treatment to wide variety of themes and topic through the main characters.
The present book “Aasen da Chann” under review has 14 instructive and interesting short stories in Dogri which amply give true sense of this region and the characteristics of this land and its people. He has always kept and projected the sociological, economic and psychological conditions through the story-line as well as characters and themes. Mr. Bhasin deals with the fresh and burning problems in the society. By peeping deep inside the root cause of these problems, the author tries to inspires the readers to think in their own way and pave the way for their solution.
Real-life Themes
The short story “Aasen da Chann” depicts the gentle and affectionate feelings of two friends living on both sides of Line of Control (LOC) who were separated during the Partition of the country in 1947 and met in a dramatic way after opening of cross- LOC link point.
Similarly, the short story “Karaye Di Kukh” highlights the growing trends among the ambitious young entrepreneurs and business minded couples to defer their family growth but later on try every fair and unfair means to achieve their motive by exploiting the poor and helpless women of the society with a so called practice called “surrogacy”. “Live in Relationship” is evaluated in the story “Jio Duen Gite” in the light of Indian traditions and the age old high values of our rich culture, which do not allow this type of practice having no moral and social recognition. The author has made a sensitive analysis of the events and tried to re-establish the model ethics of this great nation.
Good Publication
Similarly, other stories of this book with their varied topics and themes give strength to the Dogri prose writing.
The writer has a gifted pen with literary touch with which he has enriched the Dogri literature. This is his third publication. His previous titles were “Char Dishan- Char Dham, a travelogue in Dogri; suchi samaal, essays in Dogri and the book under review. His two more titles in Dogri are under print. Mr. Bhasin is M. A (Hindi) and has also done Shiromani in Dogri and was actively associated with Dogri news sections of AIR stations at New Delhi and Jammu. He was also involved in theatre and participated in a number of dramas. He is recipient of many awards and honours.
Presently this noted Dogri writer is vice president, Dogri Sanstha, Jammu and actively engaged in projecting and promoting Dogri language as well as Duggar’s cultural heritage.
“Aasen Da Chann”, a collection of short stories, is a well written and finely produced publication. The stories are both interesting and informative and it is expected that it will be well received in the literary circles and welcomed by the common Dogri readership. This book will be of deep interest to the academician, students, all the citizens and it is a significant contribution of Narinder Bhasin to the genre of short stories in Dogri language and literature.
(Starline Syndicate Service)