Geena Davis is in awe of Susan Sarandon

LOS ANGELES, Apr 30:  Actress Genna Davis says she was in awe of her ‘Thelma & Louise’ co-star Susan Sarandon when she first met her.
Davis was surprised to see that the actress always spoke her mind, reported Female First.
Recalling their first meeting with director Ridley Scott, Davis said Sarandon quickly explained the script changes she wanted.
“An eye-opening moment in my life, a very defining moment, was the first time I met Susan Sarandon. We were going to meet, just Ridley and Susan and I, to go through the script and see if we had any thoughts or ideas.
“So I meet Susan, and she was amazing. We sit down to go through the script. I swear, I think it was page one– she says, ‘So my first line, I don’t think we need that line. Or we could put it on page two. Cut this …’ And I was just like … My jaw was to the ground. Because she was just saying what she thought!,” Davis said.
Their 1991 movie, about two troubled women who take a road trip, is considered a cult.
“She was saying her opinion. Even though I was 34 or 35 or something. I was like, ‘People can do that? Women can actually just say what they think?’
“It was an extraordinary experience to do that movie with her because every day was a lesson in how to just be yourself. I drive her nuts. I’m always talking about her being my hero. I’m sure she’s probably sick of it.” (PTI)