My American visit

Narinder Singh
History reveals itself that the British ruled over India through its East India Company for more than a century ‘where as USA also remained the Colony of United Kingdom for a longer period but during my recent visit to America from 27th June 2018 for six months ‘I found Americans as a disciplined nation who believes in work culture and observes rules regulations and are law abiding citizens.People are honest in their deeds and free from political influence.The most interesting thing is that there is no VIP culture and no alarms are sounded except during the movements of ambulances ‘fire brigades ‘ police vehicles and other exigencies .
Moreover ‘traffic rules are strictly observed in residential areas especially ‘there are no signal lights in such areas and the interesting part is that the drivers take special care and stop their vehicles at a distance of at least twenty feet before a person crosses the road or footpath which shows there is too much value for human lives.Where as in India we have to beg or request for crossing the road in the absence of signals’we are always at the mercy of drivers ‘I am facing lots of problems in this regard in my native place J&K after staying in America for a prolonged period of six months.
During my stay I was impressed with their culture ‘as and when ever I used to go for a long walk strangers on the way used to say hello, hai, how are you have? a nice walk ‘nice day or nice evening.
I also found cities and residential areas well maintained neat and clean ‘there are no stray dogs and cattle except wildlife like deer and rabbits. People do keep pets like dogs and cats but treat them like their kids.In certain areas there are dog waste boxes from where that waste is collected by the concerned agencies’whereas in our country stray/street dogs create nuisance for the common people walking in the streets and lanes and there is every possibility of biting them by these dogs and the school children fall down whenever these dogs follow them, even during nights they bark so loudly that it becomes hell for common people to have sound sleeping , not only this even during nights dogs cross surrounding walls of the houses and scatter garbage from dustbins in the compounds/lawns ,if you approach the municipal authorities and Incharge dogs Squad their usual reply is that there are orders from madam Maneka Gandhi and court not to dislodge dogs from these areas rather they are directed to undertake sterlization of these dogs and keep dogs in the same areas.Under such circumstances, it’s not understood how common man will get rid from this unbearable misery and nuisance.In my opinion unless such laws are amended there can’t be improvement ‘Laws should be formulated by the authorities for the benefit of the people and not for their inconvenience.There is good drainage system, no water logging despite heavy rains.All areas in America are dust free.I never used duster for cleaning my shoes for the period I lived there nor my daughter and son in law had duster for cleaning their vehicles.Even during our road journey from Charlotte city of North Carolina state of USA to the states of Virginia ‘DC Washington ‘New Jersey ‘New York and Atlanta city ‘we didn’t find any dust pollution as if the roads were dry cleaned and dusters were not used to clean the vehicles all along.
Municipal Corporations are functioning very effectively and efficiently, ‘every home has been provided three big boxes ‘one for Garbage ‘the other one for Recycling material and the third one for Waste grass/leaves and these are carried by Municipal vehicles systematically’. At that moment I used to remember our worthy Prime Minister shri Narendra Modi who has started this awareness movements throughout the country to keep the environment and cities clean.People in general realise their duties and responsibilities ‘they don’t feel any work low ‘such slogans or messages are written on vehicles and people observe and adopt systems to keep the city clean prescribed by the administration of the area.
Culturally like Indian people American are very rich and celebrate all festivals like Balloons festival which are generally held in big areas where people in thousands gather and enjoy flying of big Balloons in the sky. ‘Hallo weenfestival is celebrated by hanging skeletons of human skulls and body skeletons in front of their houses in the sweet memories of their dear ones and ancestors’ during Thanksgiving day. Biggest sales are held in malls where the things are sold at cheapest prices especially for electronic goods and people are seen in long lines throughout day and night. Besides Renaissance festival is held where People are seen in traditional costumes of primitive art and culture to high light living style of the people of that time.The most colourful, attractive and charming festival is Christmas which Americans celebrate ,with full zeal and enthusiasm every year during the whole month of December.
People in America are music lovers,there is music in malls ,hotels restaurants,casinos ,parks and on some occasions like Cornelius festival I enjoyed the music while dancing with children so to say there is light music even in the hospitals, so much is the extent of their love for music that on many a time I used to enjoy music by dancing in hotels restaurants and casinos which generally used to be liked by the audience by applauding,I used to feel as if I was in the new world.I always shared my such videos with my friends in India and Jk and my conversations with Americans during walk became very popular amongst my friends and relatives.
So far as the working culture is concerned all the family members work including their children who also do part time Jobs apart from studying.When I told them that in India only after completing their educational period that aspirants try to seek the jobs whether government or private. Their reply’s used to be,American parents make them independent right from beginning whereas the Indian children are usually dependent on their parents throughout,I used to feel happy on their such answers, they even start living independently after they become adults but at every stage they care about their parents and parents also care for them.There is no difference between male and female child,they generally feel very happy on the birth of the child irrespective of their gender.There is a Baby Shower function before the birth of the child and the gender of the child is declared on that occasion.I have the experience of attending Baby shower function of my daughter and my son in law celebrated it with great pomp and show where large number of Indian and few American couples were invited. Besides serving veg,non-veg ,drinks musical programme comprising of punjabi folk dances was also performed by the Indian participants.
During working hours whether from home or Office they don’t prefer to attend phone calls except urgent messages only. During holidays they accept calls,more over there is no system of home servants/maids because labour is very costly. People generally believe in self service and are busy even during holidays but do enjoy Friday and Saturday evening by going to clubs ,hotels,casinos and restaurants.For full five days they work and enjoy weekends fully.The Americans are so involved with their work that they don’t know their neighbours in their localities/community in other words they are not socially connected with each other.But they do observe some system,their lunch time is twelve o’clock and dinner at 6pm and bed time is 9 PM and next day routine starts.Where as in India we aren’t used to such systems.
When ever I used to tell them that I knew so many people in their locality to whom I used to meet during my four time walk they used to feel surprised on my socialisation.It depends how you cultivate relationships with them. When my American ,Italian ,and Maxican friends came to know that my daughter gave birth to boy baby,all the couples started visiting daughter’s house one by one to bless my grandson with a gift of one dress each and the Maxcian couple gifted seven sets of dresses to the grandson,on seeing all this my daughter and son in law complemented by saying that I have brought revolution in the area where People don’t know each other.Americans are clean hearted ,frank,straight forward and care for each other.I remember when I informed American friends about my going back to India. madam Laurie Rocco invited me to her residence and offered home made cake and her parents held prayer for our safe return journey and another lady namely Nancy Gass wife of a army officer who was killed in Afghanistan while fighting during the year 2014 also said that she is coming to our daughter’s residence next evening to say goodbye but in the morning she confirmed her visit and also informed through message, since she is suffering from bad cold so she will not shake hands or hug lest we may carry infections to India,Similarly a Italian friend Mr Peter and his wife Candy settled in Charlotte city wanted to visit my daughter’s home to say goodbye and safe travels to India but they also showed their inability because of their bad health. When I insisted to meet them before leaving for India they agreed to the request on the condition that we would see and talk to each other from a distance with good intentions,this showed that people in America are very health conscious and are also concerned about others health ,where as in India patients and people feel bad if their friends and relatives don’t visit their homes .
So far as personal safety and security is concerned,every owner of the house has engaged automatic security system,if anybody tries to enter the house with out properly unlocking the door,alarm is sounded and movements of the trespassers are seen through the camera of the private security agency like CPI and Advt,which has video surveillance cameras in every house who alert the owner and immediately inform the nearby police station for immediate action. Once I opened the door with out properly unlocking the door with remote control, the alarm started ringing and security agency informed my daughter that someone with a turban is moving in the house. my daughter immediately informed the agency that her father by mistake opened the door with out properly unlocking and requested the agency not to call police.
Special thing about Americans is that they have highest regard for their country and considers it as their glory,mostly National Flag is hoisted on the top of the every house.The basic reason of the progress and prosperity is that it is very less populated and having very big area than India,moreover people are great as they are hard working, sincere, honest, straight forward and disciplined. America is rated as the most developed and number one powerful country of the world because of their nationalistic approach towards the country
Where as in India there is no work culture,honesty and discipline.Corruption is so deep rooted and penetrated in our blood that it has become difficult to eradicate from country unless there is great revolution by the people.
Our country is great but it is to be seen that when we as a nation will be great..