Mushrooming of political outfits nefarious agenda of right wing forces: NC

Senior NC leaders at party meeting in Srinagar on Monday.
Senior NC leaders at party meeting in Srinagar on Monday.

Excelsior Correspondent

SRINAGAR, July 15: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference today said the amalgamations and individuals which are propping up in the every nook and corner of the Valley are running on the whims of forces as are inimical to the interests of the State.
Party general secretary, Ali Mohd Sagar while addressing workers from Kund, Devsar who had thronged the party head quarters here said, “ Today we see various amalgamations coming up in Kashmir only. However, people who play emotive and catchy slogans often fail to tell people what their real agenda is. The sole purpose of such political vagabonds is to rot the special position of the State from within. People should make it a point to not heed the fanfare and slogan mongering of such one man armies as are coming up in every nook and corner of the Valley. It is NC that boasts the panacea for the plethora of problems that the State is facing. Our Autonomy resolution is constitutionally viable and practical. It is the only document which satiates the development demands of all the regions of the States,” Sagar said.
NC general secretary further said, “Muslim character of the State has been a scorn in the eyes of those forces that are inimical to the very identity and integrity of our State. There are forces whose sole agenda is to dilute the very pluralistic fabric of our State. It was PDP that allowed the communal forces to make inroads in our State.  Unfortunately, such forces as are inimical to the identity of our State are using local henchmen to pursue their agenda. The mushrooming of political outfits in the Valley is also suggestive of the nefarious agenda of such forces as want to demean and divide the voice of the people particularly the Muslims,” he said adding, “ Unfortunately no powerful Muslim voice was allowed to surface on the political landscape of India.
Sagar while underscoring the need of having a popularly elected Government in the state said, “Today we see group of people at the helm of affairs in our state that are not representative in character. How can few advisors of SAC rise up to the expectations of the people of the State?  Today we see how miserably the common population is being treated.  The disdain with which the people are being treated speaks volumes about the contempt the incumbent Governor administration has for the local population. On one hand Governor says that the Yatra would not have been possible without the active support of the local population but on the other hand the same lot of people is subjected to collective detention through highway curbs.”
Among others party’s senior leader Choudhary Muhammad Ramzan; provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani, Syed Tauqeer, Syed Shafi, Imran Nabi Dar were also present in the meet.