Multiplex in Srinagar

After a long period of three decades, activities related to watching cinema in an ambiance / hall or a particularly designed building for the purpose, have started in Srinagar, the summer capital of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. Recently, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha inaugurated a Multiplex for the purpose which people, otherwise lovers of cinema and art, have reportedly hailed and taken with all positivity with bright prospects of general acceptability. The owner of the Multiplex termed the development in this regard as a big dream having come true indicating how innovation and looking towards a positive and a hopeful future have lot of scope in Kashmir even amidst certain constraints still haunting the air all at the behest of hostile elements from across the border, though waning very fast. It will not be any overstatement that it is not only the beginning of a new thinking and reflection of a change but some measure of restoration of what was already being possessed for decades. Regular shows, as such, shall be screened in the Multiplex from the next week, say by September 30 which again shows how the potential demand has been duly assessed by the stake holders.
Only a few days ago, two multipurpose Cinema Halls were opened also in Shopian and Pulwama in South Kashmir, providing multifaceted facilities including skilling of youth. Just a nostalgic turn of the pages of the gone over thirty years vis-a-vis the cinema and related activities in Srinagar makes one feel sorry for the oldest Palladium cinema Hall of Srinagar in LalChowk and the beautifully designed with a blend of local and modern architecture – the Broadway Cinema Hall in BadamiBagh – getting consumed by senseless violence. Hence, starting of a Multiplex with 520 seating capacity provides a unique satisfaction that better days may finally dawn upon in troubled partswhereby peace, progress and complete harmony may flourish.
Critics may have their own views which they are entitled to in the democratic set up of the country ,but the fact remains that a new wind of change for the better is blowing steadily in Kashmir in particular and in the entire UT in general. While describing about this new innovative development, it is quite pertinent to deal with a few pertinent points. What has cinema, theatre, art, singing etc got to do with any type of politics and that too negative politics as it is entirely a different world, different altogether where cinema provides several benefits. In the present era of fast competition in every field, stress and tension and even otherwise, cinema is a wonderful mode and medium of entertainment and contributor towards inspiring cultural and social reflection. Not only does it promote and encourage art in different hues, it provides relaxation and reduces stress besides motivating people in many ways. Looking at it in entirety, the quantum of commercial activities, small and major, generated by it at micro and macro levels and providing direct and indirect employment to lot many people, cannot be overlooked at all. Hence, the Lieutenant Governor felt the need of and hoped that in every district, cinema Halls will reopen in Kashmir.
Needless toad, some may hold the view that with the fast advent of information technology, various options and portals are available to watch movies and other related material of information and entertainment hence the utility and importance of Cinema Halls has been descending but the satisfaction, joy and pleasure enjoyed in a Cinema Hall watching a movie cannot be substituted by other available means. It is the same way as almost all news papers, periodicals etc are already available via internet right on one’s phone but the pleasure and satisfaction of reading the same material daily in the morning itself in “hard copy” is indescribable hence the reason of circulation of papers continuously keeps on increasing.