Mubarak Mandi issues kept lingering on

Why should it be supposed to meet only twice in a year and not at least once in a month, since Governing Body of the Mubarak Mandi Heritage Society has to oversee, decide about and monitor the most fragile but sensitive work of restoration of the historic complex. However, when we find the ground realities being quite dismal and disappointing in that for over more than one and a half year, not a single meeting has been convened by the Governing Body, it lends strength to the fear that the lingering project is perhaps no one’s baby. The last meeting of the Governing Body was reportedly held under the chairmanship of the then Governor of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir in March 2019. In that meeting, at least some concrete decision to the extent of according approval to the Master Plan for conservation and adaptive re-use of the Mubarak Mandi complex took place.
What follows from such a scenario is that no decision, no progress and no restoration work as expected and supposed to be going on, are to be seen. There are, on the other hand, several issues which have remained unresolved till date and those at the helm of affairs in the Tourism and Culture Department can throw enough light on such a mindset as there could be no other alibi to put forth by them.
Technically speaking , there is no nomination on the Executive Committee of an expert on the subject. The Committee was reconstituted by the Government recently despite the fact that opinion of Heritage Conservation Architect is paramount for the ongoing restoration works. When such a work where emotive feelings of the people are involved and the work is for conserving a legacy and heritage, it was decided in order to have periodic follow up and assessing the levels of works completion, to have arrangements for convening meetings of the Governing Body at least twice in a year to address issues and problems that were likely to sprout during and as a consequence of the ongoing work. However, it is a sad commentary on the performance of the administrative set up as to how the decisions taken by the previous authority at the top are conveniently sought to be taken quite casually.
What about creation of ”dedicated” Engineering wing in the said complex so that speed of the work, its technical aspects , supervision and allied issues could be addressed right on the spot? However, on this front also, there is no development nor any initiation of an action. The present Lieutenant Governor too, while visiting the complex in August this year, had felt the need about posting of Engineering wing in the complex for technical supervision and designing but excepting some Engineers of the Roads and Buildings Department having been given ”additional charge” of the complex, no headway has been achieved. Additional charge and its efficacy hardly need to be explained .The complex needs a comprehensive arrangement of electrical, mechanical and civil engineers since all areas of the requisite works are presently going on . Reconstituted Executive Committee needs to be guided by the experts and those having knowledge about such delicate and sensitive natured works in order to benefit from their advice in turn to get reflected in various decisions expected to be taken by the said committee. Let us hope that the Lieutenant Governor takes personal interest in the ongoing works of the complex to have it improved in speed , quality and related issues resolved in time.