Mubarak Mandi complex

The long drawn exercise of the implementation of comprehensive Master Plan prepared for historic Mubarak Mandi complex at Jammu is appearing to be wandering like a cloud as implementation wholly appears to be only a dream. A whooping amount of Rs. 523 crore is appearing to be difficult to be managed by the Government for conservation works and adaptive reuse of the palace etc within five years, the timeframe fixed for it.
The Project Management Consultancy (PMC) which was engaged for the project, after long drawn exercise, has suggested measures for restoration of the entire complex as well as its reuse and all the activities to be completed within a period of five years for which the amount required is earmarked and arranged to be kept at the disposal of the executing agency. The paper work showing “urgency” from the Former Governor to the office of the Chief Secretary and back, which started in July this year, after the Governor expressed concern and dissatisfaction over the dismal pace of work, has resulted in back to square one position as the moot question of funds availability remains unaddressed.
We feel the sentiments of the people attached to the historic complex of Mubarak Mandi and a long period taken in the work going on for its regaining the lost sheen and architectural stature, should be the guiding factors for the State Government to arrange for the funds at an early date so that, without compromising on the quality and the original architecture of this complex, the Master Plan gets fully implemented.