MRI machines-not for Jammu?

The 4th 3-MRI machine for GMC Jammu required to cater to a large section of population as it has been dependent on the only old version of 1.5 Tesla machine installed in Radio Diagnostics Department, has not so far been provided. It is despite the fact that the concerned Medical Authorities in a meeting way back in 2019 realised its need and accorded sanction for its purchase for both the premier hospitals of Jammu and Srinagar.
If it is said that even in providing this machine, Jammu has been neglected, if not brazenly discriminated against, it would only amount to speaking a truth. In other words, while the said machine has already been made available at GMC, Srinagar, why not at Jammu? The worth noting point is that the machine for Srinagar was ordered much later than it was for Jammu . Any alibi under budgeting and funds to justify, is nowhere there with any scope as the funds for the cost of such machines was duly sanctioned in Capex Budget of GMC, Jammu amounting to Rs.6.5 crore. Except feigning preparation for its installation by making some construction on the proposed site of installation of the machine, nothing further has been provided the reasons thereof may better be only known to the authorities. Should basic requirements – that too in respect of healthcare of large sections of people in Jammu – be beseeched and cajoled for and that also, repeatedly as experienced on umpteen occasions, and only thereafter the authorities may be inclined to take a decision? In the meantime, we expect the installation of the machine at GMC Jammu an early date.