Mother A shower of blessings

Niraj Dubey
“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.” Mother, the blessing of God in a human form. We are all familiar with the saying, “The mother is the light of the home.”As the light of the home, our mothers constantly guide us, especially in dark times. She offers that wisdom to help us make the right choices in our lives.Having a mother is probably God’s greatest boon in our lives. It’s her love that make us strong, her care that prepares us to face the world, her hands that help us overcome all the trying times of life. Mother, the divine blessing that makes what we are. Recall the pains she bore for you, the sacrifices she made in bringing you up. And give her back the same love that she showered on you.


There is always a person in your life that you know you can count on. That person is the one that gave you life and loves you unconditionally. A mother’s love is priceless and will always exist. Their care and love is like a beautiful rose, but a rose that is unable to die. Nothing overpowers the warmth that isolates you when a mother’s hug is received. They are there in your happy moments, but most importantly in your saddest to give sunshine to your rainy eyes…One of the most meaningful roles that a mother plays is the role of nurturer. When a mother nurtures her children well, love and goodness are awakened in the children’s hearts. Because of our mothers’ love, we learn to love, as well and we feel God’s love more profoundly. Mother’s love shapes cultures and individuals. While most mothers know that their love and emotional availability are vital to their children’s well-being, many of us do not understand the profound and long-lasting impact we have in developing our young children’s brains, teaching them first lessons of love, shaping their consciences. A child should never feel as if he needs to earn a mother’s love. This will leave a void in his heart all of his life. A mother’s love needs to be given unconditionally to establish trust and a firm foundation of emotional intimacy in a child’s life. The emotional foundation we give our children at home is  a foundation to their life. We cannot underestimate the value of home and the power of mother’s love.The love of our mothers is usually the first and deepest love that we come across. A mother’s love is unconditional. No matter what you do, you know that your mother will always love you.It is crucial to be cherished and loved for who you are, and to be supported in all that you do. Love is the most important thing in the world.Why not tell those that love you unconditionally how much you appreciate it? Decades of scientific and psychological study provide overwhelming evidence for the idea that “mother love” has an enormous, permanent impact in shaping the character and life of a child.
A mother’s love is beyond understanding.A mother’s love for her children is one of the strongest forces in this world. What makes God’s love so powerful, and what makes a mother’s love so powerful, is a special bond! A mother bonds with her child through countless hours, countless feedings. This is her baby, her child. God’s love is so powerful because of His relationship to those He loves.The author like to conclude this article by this beautiful quotation, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”. “The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.”
(The author is  Sr. Faculty & Warden                      (GCET – Jammu)