Monthly achievements about developmental activities

It is beyond comprehension as to why despite a period of three years having elapsed when instructions and various communiqués having been issued, the inertial system of submitting the requisite information at will with no regard for the crucial time frame continues even now . Right from 2018 till date various instructions, directives and reminders having been routinely issued about furnishing of periodic information by various departments to the General Administration Department, the position continues to be far from satisfactory. No doubt, various developmental activities are routinely supposed to be taking place in each and every department of the UT Government about which monthly information by stipulated date is required to be submitted by the Administrative Secretaries, departmental heads and other concerned functionaries for due assessment and appraisal at higher levels . Considerable delay in the process, as such, takes place in the submission of consolidated report to the Lieutenant Governor’s Secretariat which obviously cannot be prepared in the absence of timely complete information from all departments.
Such information, as per the procedure, is required to be furnished to the Principal Secretary to the Government, Planning Department and Monitoring Department about which reasonably sufficient directives and at regular intervals are issued for final submission to the Lt. Governor’s Secretariat latest by 3rd of the succeeding month. Since for devising policies, drafting plans and strategies at the higher Governmental levels , sufficient , full , correct and timely data is required which is possible as a result of collating and consolidation of such data on monthly basis from all departments, it becomes necessary to strictly comply with the time schedule which is 25th of every month which has got to be consolidated and forwarded to the designated authority. Moreover, on the other hand, delay caused in responding to the communications from the Ministry of Home Affairs by various departments in Jammu and Kashmir not only is uncalled for but should be viewed seriously.
Though agreeably, the position is not uniformly the same with all departments as quite a few departments manage to submit such information within the scheduled timeframe, yet there are many which do not. Hence , it is reported that despite strict instructions from the General Administration Department and due concern having been conveyed to those departments who continue to be quite complacent and carefree about adhering to the time line in submitting monthly reports on major developmental activities and achievements , avoidable delay is caused which trend needs to be reversed. A list must be circulated every moth about the ”defaulting ” department as also in respect of those which scrupulously adhere to the time limit as a measure of both the aspects having been ”duly noted” at the higher levels . It is not that difficult to understand the importance of submission of monthly reports on achievements as we get a sense of actual performance versus expected performance vis-a-vis targets or goals fixed. In case of gaps and deficiencies, timely corrective measures are taken and short term and long term requirements too are assessed but when there is no pointed and particular month’s related data , such measures too get stalled. Hence submission of the required information by 25th of every month by all departments becomes extremely important.
Every project and every developmental activity is directly and indirectly connected with the common people reaping benefits there-from and, therefore, lot of public funds are involved in ensuring such activities in each concerned department took place , monthly reports provide an insight into how concerned officers performed and how they motivated their working team – the department personnel – too in showing expected results. Centrally sponsored schemes are more not only in number but also more in terms of funds involved than probably those generally sponsored by the UT Government which makes it imperative to have a close monitoring for both modes of developmental projects even for future projections in addition to assessing the current levels of progress on monthly basis.