Money Power

Dr Bodh Sharma Bral

Human life nowadays has become very complex, busy challenging and difficult. In the quest for acquiring more and more wealth, people adopt unethical ways through which they could become billionaire. No doubt money is essential for survival in the modern, globalised and techno-oriented world where people have diverse requirement and desires. It is a fact that all our needs and wants are being fulfilled with adequate amount of wealth but the passionate grudging and accumulation of money through unfair means divert us from the true mission of life upon this evolutionary Planet. We are here for our spiritual upliftment and material things are needed for our survival and attainment of this single preoccupation expected from the human race. Money is a power and in true sense it belongs to the Divine.
It must be earned with right conduct, attitude and actions. According to Maharishi Sri Aurobindo, “the money is the visible sign of a universal force and our attitude towards it should be of trustees and not of possessors.”
Money must be used for the purpose for which it is sanctioned and should not be misused by the trustees.
Just like the cashier in a bank is accountable to the money collected and given, in the same sense, we need be honest, fair, transparent, just, meticulous and worthy of its acquisition and proper utilisation. There are people who in ignorance falsehood and darkness, mishandle this treasure of Kuvera and spend lavishly for the gratification of their unending desires and sensual pleasures. The rampant competition, comparison and corruption befooling the masses under the influence of severe materialism, fashion, entertainment and modernised manner of celebrating rituals, customs and festivals. The Gracious Power has allowed us to use money in a consecrated manner and trust our transparency, accountability and authenticity without any audit. We must earn more and more but not at any cost through unfair means and practices. If we don’t earn, the power will be acquired by the asuric influences and can be mishandled and misused. Some even put a ban on money and riches and proclaim poverty and bareness of life as the only spiritual condition but this is an error as it leaves the power in the hands of the hostile forces.
We must neither turn with an ascetic shrinking from the money power nor cherish a rajasik attachment. Sri Aurobindo recites, “Wealth is a power to be won back for the Divine and those will be the strongest for the conquest who in their nature strong, large and free from ego and surrendered without any claim or hesitation, shall be pure and powerful channels for the Supreme Puissance.
The Mother also whispers, “Money should generate an increase in production, an improvement in the conditions of life and a progress in the human consciousness.” If we are free from money-taint we will have greater power to command the money for the Divine works. So in whatever job, business or profession we are, the right attitude towards money is essential for the growth of our consciousness and Divine manifestation. Be open and receptive without any demand, greed and attachment.
Receive what comes to you and spend in a spirit of consecration and cheerfulness for the purpose of Divine life upon Earth.