‘Modi wave’ coming from every home in India: PM

RATLAM, May 13: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday sought to dismiss “claims by pundits and planted reports from Delhi” that there is no “Modi wave” in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections as was the case in 2014 polls.
The (Modi) wave is coming out from each home, he said, addressing an election rally here in Madhya Pradesh.
“Pundits are claiming there is no wave…Stories are being planted from Delhi. Initially, they said there is no wave. The voting percentage is now higher than before. So they are worried.
“They are not aware that there are two (types of) people who are creating records: my young friends who are voting for the first time and my mothers and sisters, who have made up their mind to elect their brother who ensured death penalty to rapists,” Modi said.
“Our mothers and sisters have decided to elect as PM one who provided (cooking) gas and electricity and have come out with full strength to cast their vote. When mothers and sisters come out, pundits fail to understand from where is the wave coming. The wave is coming from each home,” he said.
Modi also tore into Congress leader Sam Pitroda’s “hua to hua” (it happened, so what?) remark on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.
Incidents like the Bhopal gas tragedy and scams like CWG, 2G spectrum and coal allocation happened under the watch of the Rahul Gandhi-led party, which brazenly says “hua to hua”, he said.
Modi reiterated his claim that the Gandhis used warship INS Viraat for “picnic”. But when questions were raised about it, the Congress said “hua to hua”, he added.
Modi recalled the sacrifice of Lieutenant Commander Dharmendra Singh Chouhan, a Ratlam native, who was killed while fighting a blaze aboard warship INS Vikramaditya.
“On the other hand is the Naamdar’s family, who used a warship for picnic. When questions are raised about it, they shamelessly say ‘hua to hua’,” Modi said.
Jawans died in terror and Naxal attacks, but the Congress kept saying, “hua to hua”, he said.
Replying to a reporter’s question on the 1984 riots, Pitroda, a close aide of Rahul Gandhi and head of the Overseas Congress said last week, “Hua to hua…”
“‘Hua to hua’ are not mere three words, they reflect the ideology and arrogance of the Congress. People are now saying ‘enough is enough’ in response to it,” Modi said.
‘Hua to hua’ is the Congress’ answer to scams, Modi said. “These ‘mahamilavati’ people are saying ‘hua to hua’, but the country is now saying ‘mahamilavati logon ab bahut hua’ (enough is enough),” he said, referring to the coming together of Congress and like-minded parties against the BJP.
Poor people who never got pucca houses, electricity, LPG and toilets during Congress era due to its “hua to hua” casual approach are now saying enough is enough, Modi said.
Targeting the Kamal Nath government in MP over its “failure” to implement farmers loan waiver promise, Modi likened people to God and said, “The Congress cheated God.”
The Congress has objections in raising the “Bharat Mata ki Jai” slogan, he said.
Without naming Rahul Gandhi, Modi said the “naamdar” begins his speeches abusing him.
Modi said the Congress spun a new yarn by coining the “Hindu terror” term.
“Due to wrong policies of the government headed by Naamdars of Congress, there were bomb blasts in the country. Those behind them had a link across the border to Pakistan.
But Congress said hua to hua, he said.
Modi attributed senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh, contesting the Lok Sabha polls from Bhopal seat, not casting his vote to “internal bickering” within the Congress.
“It also reflects the arrogance of the Congress leader as when the entire country, including the President, myself and others went to vote, Singh did not as he was afraid, Modi said.
The fourth and last phase of Lok Sabha polls in Madhya Pradesh will be held on May 19. Polling for the remaining eight of the total 29 seats will be held that day. (PTI)