Modi comes out openly against Rahul; wants to become ‘chowkidar’

JHANSI, Oct 25: Taking gloves off much ahead of the next general elections, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate  Narendra Modi today launched a direct attack on Congress  vice-president Rahul Gandhi for playing with sentiments of  people by recalling memories of Indira Gandhi’s assassination  in an attempt to garner votes on emotional plank and also  dared him to reveal names of those youth who were approached  by the ISI in the aftermath of the recent Muzaffarnagar riots.

Addressing the party’s “Vijay Shankhnaad” rally in Bundelkhand region, which has four Lok Sabha seats — Jalaun, Hamirpur, Banda and Jhansi — with SP-BSP sharing two seats each in the current Lok Sabha, Mr Modi in a fiery speech asked people to throw out SP, BSP and Congress from power as they had ‘wrought havoc’ in the name of politics and were exploiting people ‘brazenly’.

Asserting he does not want to become the Prime Minister, he said he prefers to be ‘chowkidar’ (guard) on behalf of the ‘aam aadmi’ in Delhi to ensure that no one could lay hands on the national treasures.

In an attempt to torpedo the bastion of SP and BSP, Mr Modi, in his second rally in Uttar Pradesh after Kanpur, said he was there to wipe tears of the poor people rather than shedding his tears for political gains.

In an obvious reference to Rahul, Mr Modi said, ‘Shehzada’had recently recalled memories of his slain grandmother asserting that he was in rage when she was brutally assassinated by her own bodyguards.

Mr Modi asked whether in that rage, thousands of Sikhs were butchered and torched to death in various parts of the country and no one was punished for the massacre so  far.

Carrying forward his attack, Mr Modi said “What is he? Simple MP. But then why Intelligence Bureau people are reporting to him?”

He quoted Rahul as saying intelligence sleuths told him that Pakistan’s ISI was in touch with some youths of a minority community in UP to whip up trouble.

They (Congress) were in power. It is for them to take action in this case and reveal the name of the youths who were contacted by ISI rather than reporting this case as a news agency, Mr  Modi said daring Rahul to either come out with the names or apologise publicly for making such allegations against youth of a particular community casting aspersions on their integrity.

Mr Modi, who was in an attacking mode, ridiculed Rahul for undertaking visits to houses of poor people as if he was showing the “wrong doings of his ancestors because of whom the poor remained poor during the last 60 years”.

“You gave 60 years to them. Just give me only 60 months. We will change your destiny and face of the country,” Mr Modi implored the cheering crowd. (UNI)