Modi calls for ‘tax-plus one’ system of honest tax payment, doing extra for society

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday said more people under his government are paying taxes because they have faith that their money is being used properly, but pitched for a ‘tax-plus one’ system where citizens do a little more towards society besides honestly paying taxes.

Speaking at a townhall with IT professionals, he said the future lies in technology which should be used to develop solutions for issues facing the world’s fastest growing economy.

With the recent spike in international oil prices creating a mini-panic on retail fuel prices in the country, Modi said moving to electric vehicles is an answer and wanted domestic entrepreneurs to develop low cost, affordable battery and charging system to quickly charge cars run on electricity.

India imports 83 per cent of its oil needs and a spurt in international oil prices had sent retail prices of petrol, diesel and LPG to record highs earlier this month.

The Prime Minister said the taxpayer base in India has risen not due to threat of penal action but because taxpayers have faith that their money is being used properly and for the welfare of people.

“Paying tax is ‘prakriti’ (natural), not paying tax is ‘vikriti’ (deformity). But paying tax plus doing more is ‘sanskriti’ (culture),” he said.  (AGENCIES)