MM Complex controversy

Reference,”Mubarak Mandi Complex is Protected Monument” Daily Excelsior dated: 12 August 2021
The author has allowed the cat to come out of the bag, and now everyone can easily guess what is actually going to happen in Mubarak Mandi Palaces Complex in the garb of protection and preservation. Further, having such a vast knowledge pertaining to this project, he can throw more light on the following:
(a) ASI norms are clearly visible and easy to understand. They protect and preserve the ancient monuments not only for the tourists but also for the coming generations – no business. If these norms are to be taken up strictly by the MMH Society along with ASI’s consultancy and the monitoring skill, then why not ASI take up this project in their own hands, as they are already doing in the case of other 70 or more such ancient sites/monuments throughout J&K and Ladakh.
(b) What role the experienced vendors or other agencies will play in the protection/preservation of MM Palaces Complex? Their professional repute is always evaluated on the best sale of their commodities in the city, streets or the local market.
(c) To depict life style and culture of Kashmir and Ladakh in the decorated Zanana Palaces of Mubarak Mandi (Zone D) would be neither artistic nor realistic. Such an unmatching combination will only disturb the sanctity as well as aesthitic taste of those Dogra Ranis and Maharanis, thus leading towards conversion i.e absolute violation of Ancient Monument Protection Act. Only three days earlier the Central Government asked the Ministry of Culture to have a Museum in Red Fort to showcase the history and rich heritage of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh. We can also follow their foot prints and select three places to depict the life style and culture of all these three regions, having altogether separate identities. Why to sacrifice the importance of only these royal palaces, a unique symbol of Duggar and the Dogra’s identity ? And it should also be kept in mind that all such type of projects are taken up by the Ministry of Culture and not the Ministry of Tourism.
(d) Is it justified that Centre for Crafts when displays its products for sale ( Zone F) does not fall in commercial category like the Heritage Hotel (last para)? And in which category will go the experienced vendors or others who will get their entry through bids to sell their eatbles or other commodities in this so called preserved and protected ancient monument ?
Narsingh Dev Jamwal