Mitigate suffering with a smile

Dr. Bodh Sharma Bral
The earthly life is a mixture of happiness and suffering to be faced by every creature during the various phases of life. Life is an evolving voyage from ignorance to knowledge, darkness to light, falsehood to truth and pain to the everlasting Ecstasy. Indeed, suffering is imposed to make us more open, plastic and receptive to the eternal Grace for the transformation of the being. As Lord Buddha quoted, ‘the world is full of suffering’ and Guru Nanak Dev also opined, ‘ Dukhia sab sansaar’. Our scriptures and the treatises by the revered sages reveal that the root cause of suffering is desire and overcoming desire gives more happiness than satisfying it. We cling to so many objects leading to the attachment and severe pain in our being. The suffering and pain are the outcome of our lower nature of ignorance and quite often they are thrown upon us by the adverse or hostile forces which want to thwart the Divine manifestation upon Earth. Sri Aurobindo narrates “all evil and pain is a tuning of nature for some more intense bliss and the sufferings are result of disturbance of equilibrium in the various parts of the being viz., physical, vital and mental’. The Divine Mother also whispers ‘one should always be kind and full of compassion to remain free from suffering’. To see no more evil in everything and gaze the kind presence of the Divine in all beings is the best remedy to remain far away from suffering. The attitude towards food is very important as our digestive functions are linked with our mind.
If we eat whatever is served to us an offering for the healthy body, pure vital and serene mind. It is indispensable to turn the consciousness away from the suffering and pain in the physical body and concentrate upon the Divine presence within the heart or call for the peace above the head to descend in each cell in the body. Indeed, the inner calmness is essential to annihilate all the disorders in the being and one must witness all suffering as falsehood invading our being from outside through the weak nervous envelope.
The practice of Asana, Pranayaama and other yogic practices are indispensable to make the nervous envelope more solid and strong so that it can retaliate the invading foreign elements in our kingdom. As we smile on the suffering, it disappears from the temple of eternity while the depression and clinging to the pain exaggerate the suffering and shrink the consciousness. Let us understand that the purpose of suffering is to remove some inner weakness or disorder in the being and opening and receptivity to the higher Light, Knowledge and Truth reduces the intensity of suffering to a large extent. In the light of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, “Doctors represent the Divine Army who fights against suffering and saves the people from the disease and pain’. We must have deep reverence for the doctors and unshakeable faith in the prescribed medicines to remove the physical ailments. One can also do Japa by chanting mantras, read scriptures and stories of Divine incarnations, sages and saints. It would be our experience that the smile works more than the material mechanism to overcome the suffering. Let us inhale peace and positive energy and exhale all negative thoughts, suggestions and suffering. We are born not to crawl in suffering rather to enjoy the eternal Bliss. May the Gracious Lord bless all with sound health, peace and everlasting nectar of immortality.
(The author is Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, University of Jammu)