Millers-officials nexus

The well knit and organised nexus between some influential millers and some corrupt officials of the Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs (FCS&CA) has surfaced whereby mandatory process of annual tendering has been aborted for grinding over two lakh quintals of wheat per month for different categories of consumers in Jammu region. This irregularity for obvious reasons has been going on for over six years. No one has inspected or audited the Food Supplies Department whether norms were duly observed when a whooping amount of Rs. 120 crore on annual basis was being spent on such grinding of wheat for 10 districts.
Those millers who ‘managed’ to conform to the guidelines in 2013 were continuing with the ‘job’ even now when on annual basis, calling for fresh tenders was necessary and not optional. Under which rules or under whose orders, extensions after extensions were granted to old influential blue eyed millers, needed a thorough proper investigation so that responsibility and accountability could be fixed for departmental and police action. We are following up the matter and would see an early action taken in this regard.