Middle class ignored

Sir, Yes, it is true that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working day and night for the overall development of the country and especially he is working for mitigating the miseries of the poor by giving them gas connections, opening of bank accounts, depositing money directly into the accounts of farmers, building the residential rooms for the poor etc. However, one section of the people that is named as middle class feels that something is missing for them. Government employees except the high salaried persons do always knit their dreams on DAand on the arrears of DA, if given. They make proposals and programmes for buying different commodities when arrears and DA are given to them. It rekindles their hopes. It regenerates their interest for better work culture. When this section is not given DA and the arrears in time they feel dejected and their interest in working is affected. So this section of the employees also need a special attention from the government. Various private employees have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Private sector is in shambles. Economy is not healthy. So the affected people who are making both ends meet with great difficulty should also be given a soothing touch keep their survival going on smoothly in these bad times. Anoop Aggarwal Udhampur