Melanie Laurent to pen, direct female-driven thriller ‘The Mad Women’s Ball’

LOS ANGELES, Jan 13: French star-filmmker Melanie Laurent is set to write and direct period thriller “The Mad Women’s Ball”.
Based on the award-winning novel by Victoria Mas, the film will be backed by Legende Films, reported Variety.
Set in the 19th century against major historical events, the adaptation will follow a woman unfairly institutionalised at the Salpetriere hospital, who manages to escape.
According to Goldman, the film will be a powerful, cinematic and engaging thriller about “the injustice that these women faced during that time”.
The audiences will be “rooting for this strong character who sets herself free”, he added.
The film might shoot in French or English.
Laurent is about to direct sister duo Dakota and Elle Fanning in “The Nightingale”, a World War II drama set in Paris.
Lauren was most recently seen in Netflix’s “6 Underground”. (PTI)