MD Ayan is standing out on social media through his unique content.

“The ladder of success is not that easy. You think that you will succeed one day or the other. But, in today’s era, just working hard is not enough. You have to create something good and unique that will make the limelight fall upon you. Because, the competition has increased, and to be an impactful part of this crowd, you need to create your identity. I believe that I have been at this stage of my career because I understood what I had to do. I’m always posting content and funny comedy on social media.” These are the words of MD Ayan, who is a 21-year-old influencer in our country and is breaking all the grounds of popularity for his creative content that he provides his audience through the social media platforms.

Ayan enjoys a huge fan following on various social media platforms. He has around 1 million followers on Rizzle, 325K followers on Moj, 332K followers on Josh, and has around 50k followers on Instagram. Besides that, he has a YouTube channel named Team Losers. Md.Ayan is a fashion lover and is very much into the fashion trends that go on from time to time and is quite updated in his dressing style according to them.

Ayan agrees that the journey to fame is not easy. It takes a lot to walk through the path, but if you have a certain spark in yourself to work hard through it all, you can do it without any doubt. Ayan’s journey to success was around 5 months long, which is actually quite quick if we see. His unique content and comic timing were the reasons that he was noticed by the audience so quickly. He connects with his audience on an emotional level and makes content that they can relate to or have gone through in some part of their lives.