Mayor visits heritage Railway site

JMC Mayor CM Gupta during visit to heritage Railway site at Jammu on Thursday.
JMC Mayor CM Gupta during visit to heritage Railway site at Jammu on Thursday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, June 17: Mayor Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC), Chander Mohan Gupta along with Rakesh Kumar Gupta (SE UEED), Ravi Salgotra with locals visited the Heritage Site of Old Railway Station at Bikram Chowk near Kala Kendra here, today.
During his visit, Mayor assessed the existing old infrastructures which were constructed prior to Indo-Pak partition 1947 where the passengers from India as well as Pakistan were travelling enroute from Bikram Chowk, Miran Sahib via R.S. Pura upto Sialkot on Pakistan side. He assured the citizens that this old Railway Heritage infrastructures taking off from Bikram Chowk to Suchetgarh via Miran Sahib, R.S. Pura will be developed as a vital heritage site of Indian nation.
During the visit, it was found that Railway sheds tracks girder, Railway quarters, multiple huge sheds, soft water and a Huge Water Filling Station still existing at site and needs to be renovated immediately.
This Filling Station was being used for filling the water in the Coal Steam Engine and for other multiple purposes. He further stated that after the development of infrastructure this major tourist destination shall be made a fascination for tourists visiting UT of Jammu and Kashmir. He also apprised that a large museum related to train articles, equipments, tools, wearing uniform by the Railway staff, change over Railway track, train wheels, train engine, and others shall be kept in the museum for acknowledging the replica of the time to the visitors.
Further as per the suggestions, Rakesh Kumar Gupta (SE UEED) said that an Heritage Engine, train coaches should also be put in place along with its track at heritage site of Bikram Chowk and a museum a train toy museum at R.S. Pura further the Café Bar, restaurants, food courts should also be kept where tourists can enjoy the flavour and feeling of train restaurants.
In addition Rakesh Kumar Gupta also suggested that the Wikipedia, life of Railway staff, passengers travelling on both side prior to Indo-Pak partition should be displayed who has to make the tourists and visitors feeling the old era of Railway travelling from Bikram Chowk to Sialkot.