Mayawati slams Modi Govt for `historic failure’

LUCKNOW, May 26:

BSP president Mayawati today slammed the Narendra Modi Government at the Centre for its “historic failure” on dealing with the issues which concern the common man.
“The four years of Narendra Modi Government prove that it has historically failed on the issues of inflation, poverty, unemployment, welfare work and other issues which affect the life of the people in the country,” Mayawati said.
“The BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself term all their work as historic and that is why fuel prices are at a historic high during his government,” she said.
“There is a need to control it or else BSP will be forced to start nationwide protest dharnas against it,” she warned while speaking on the completion of four years of the Modi Government.
The Bahujan Samaj Party chief accused the Modi Government of misusing official machinery to weaken opposition parties.
Under such a scenario it had no right to celebrate its four years by spending crores of rupees which could be used on people’s welfare, she said.
She said the parting of ways by some National Democratic Alliance partners indicated that the BJP-led Government was unsuccessful.
“The NDA alliance partners are parting ways one by one and this proves that the four years of the BJP-led government have been most unsuccessful and disappointing at all levels,” Mayawati said.
“This kind of exploitation of the poor, labourers, common people and women under the central government has never been seen before, she said.
She accused the government of “chori aur seena jori” – doing wrong and then boasting about it — and said its promises remained unfulfilled.
Mayawati had convened a meeting of her party office bearers later in the day.
She said the BJP’s own people were not listening to the leaders and it was an indication that the countdown of the Modi government had started, she said.
The BSP chief claimed that the government had  bowed before the capitalists, as a result of which the country’s economy had suffered and the people were concerned whether their money was safe in the banks.
She alleged that there was anarchy in all walks of life, which proved that the BJP’s rule meant “jungle raj”.
“It seems that they have given permission to their people to level all kind of unfounded allegations and indulge in illegal acts,” she said.
“There have also been an unsuccessful attempts to hush up rape cases in Kathua and Unnao by the BJP, showing the reality of the party,” Mayawati alleged.  (PTI)