Mast’s poetry is like ‘Rainbow’

The book entitled “Mast De Rang” is an Anthology of Dogri poetry. It contains : Shabad (Prayer Songs), Ghazals, Tappay, Loori, Geet, Sehghan and some other poems. There are a wide range of poetic compositions numbering nearly 120 in lucid and sweet Dogri language. These collections of Dogri poetry by Krishan Lal ‘Mast’ are both interesting and reflect the human sentiments and also the Divine Power as also the Nature.
Some of the poetry is really attractive and one specimen follows:
Mast ek ravani ah, ruk de nai
Herkhe de annsamb seer ah, thamb de nai
Gyan Ganga da, annsamba bamba ah,
Eh dhaar ah Amrit de, kadey sukhadi nai
(The flow of ideas never stops , it is stream of warm sentiments. The knowledge is like unending flow of holy Ganga and is ” limitless”)
Editor-turned -poet, Krishan Lal has grip over the Dogri language and has penned the poetry which is thoughtful and gives expression to his experiences of life. This book has made a contribution to the Dogri poetry.
Prof. Lalt Magotra, Sahitya Akademi Awardee and president, Dogri Sanstha, the premier cultural organization, has written ‘Doo Shabad’ as Preface of this poetry book and drawn a praiseworthy picture of both the quality of the poetry and also the calibre of the poet ‘Mast’ . Prof Magotra has quoted a number of stanzas of this poetry book and exhorted the readers to go through and enjoy it. The renowned Sahitya Akademi Awardee, Chhatrapal says that this collection of Dogri poetry is like a rainbow of varied colours giving a pleasing taste to the readers. While the poet. Mast in his foreword ” Mere Paasaya’ has dedicated this book to his parents.
“Mast De Rang” , a collection of Dogri poetry by Krishan Lal ‘Mast’ has been published on a quality paper with good printing . The book has been provided financial assistance by the J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Language , but the price of the book is on the higher side . However , the poetry is imaginative and interesting, so it must be read by one and allDogri knowing readership.
(Starline Syndicate Service)