Masterminds of Pulwama bombing felled

Within less than 100 hours of the February 14 Pulwama suicide bomber attack , security forces killed three terrorists including Kamran and Gazi of the Jaish -e- Mohammed but in the long drawn gun battle, five brave hearts including a Major were martyred. In other words, one more loss was suffered by the security forces which, without mincing words, is indicative of the terror network having taken menacing proportions in the valley which calls for a decisive strategy to root it out completely lock , stock and barrel .
Now that the Army too has, through a press conference, on February 19 clearly stated the evidences of deep and fuller hand of Pakistan and its agencies in the Pulwama attack, Pakistan Prime Minister’s tom-tomming about “give evidence and we take action” is repetitive of beating around the bush just like in 26/11 when dossiers after dossiers were sent by India along with clinching evidences to that country to take action against the main brain and mastermind of that attack. The serious question is as to how long shall this undeclared war of Pakistan fought by it through proxy in our territory be allowed and how long shall our brave hearts continue to offer supreme sacrifices. A decisive phase has undoubtedly neared and the entire nation is one, simmering with the demand of avenging these attacks and wiping out terrorism from the soil of this country. Patch work solutions and ad hoc(ism) in tackling the threat to the peace and tranquillity as also to national security have since become obsolete and stale. While political leadership needs to be decisive, the people too must ready themselves for contributing in the form of forging communal unity and performing superb role as in the past in lending fuller support to the Government.