Massive traffic jam creates mess on NH, Udhampur town

Huge traffic jam in Udhampur on Thursday. — Excelsior/K Kumar
Huge traffic jam in Udhampur on Thursday. — Excelsior/K Kumar

Excelsior Correspondent

UDHAMPUR, Oct 11: Long traffic jam was witnessed in Udhampur area and the National Highway passing through the town as well as Dhar Rroad and Bypass, leaving commuters and students stranded for hours on the road today.
In view of the total failure on the part of Traffic Police, the public had to face a lot of problems, many students could not reach schools in time and employees arrived 2-3 hours late in their respective offices.
The school buses and other vans remained struck in traffic jam while the executive police which came out on the road to assist Traffic Police to overcome chaos and mess on the highway and internal roads in the town, also appeared helpless. The Traffic Police men at most of the bottle necks and crossings found missing.
Sources said that as the upward traffic towards Kashmir was restricted by the Traffic cops at TPC, Jakheni since early morning, a long traffic jam started appearing on the highway. With in an hour, the tail of the traffic jam touched Ghari and Rehmbal. On Bypass road also long traffic jam was created by the trucks/ load carriers and also light and medium passenger vehicles. Same was the position on the Dhar Road up to Mian Bagh and Jaghanu Morh up to Roun Domail. Some light vehicles sensing trouble on the highway adopted internal City routes and they choked all the internal roads as well.
A worst ever traffic mess was witnessed in Udhampur town and around 5-7 kms area. Everybody was cursing to the Traffic Police authorities for its failure to properly regulate the traffic. Some concerned DySP Traffic claimed that it happened due to nomads coming down from hills along with their sheep and goats while another Officer told that as per instructions from the top, they had stopped up convoy for some time ahead of TPC Jakheni.
While the Traffic jams have become the order of the day in Ramban, Chenani and Udhampur belt but it was worst ever mess witnessed on the road here today. It took around three hours to vehicle to travel just 5-6 kms from Rehmbal to Dhar Road junction near Jakheni. Thousands of the vehicles remained stranded or moving at snails pace for hours, burning costly fuel of the vehicles amidst very slow movement of the traffic.
Heavy jam was witnessed at Omara Morh, Shiv Nagar, Military Hospital Chowk, Housing Colony Chowk as well as Jakhani Chowk, besides Bypass National Highway and Battal Balian link. Army Convoy had also been stranded. The double lanning created by the cars and other light vehicles compounded the problem. The slow pace of vehicles continued till afternoon.