Masood Azhar declared global terrorist

A massive win for India and Indian diplomacy at the United Nations which means that we could convince the world community about Pakistan’s blatant and continued open support to generate and strengthen terrorism and pampering, funding and arming of terrorists to create death and destruction. That now, China which arranged a reprieve as many as four times to the said terrorist had now to fall in line and “remove technical hold”. It depicts dividends in diplomatic arena which India patiently waited for to reap, after China’s unwarranted and unexpected earlier stand in the World Body.What took place on Wednesday, May 1, was that Pakistan based Jaish-e- Mohammad (JeM) Chief Masood Azhar being declared formally as a global terrorist by the UN Security Council in which China did not want to be exposed as a disguised supporter of terrorism by bailing out Pakistan diplomatically as in defending the JeM top terrorist was becoming increasingly untenable for the Chinese.
Shielding of this terrorist and providing him all security by Pakistan has only exposed its double speak on the very critical issue of terrorism. The gravity of the situation can be visualised which got a peculiar serious attention by the world community on recently conducted ghastly terror attacks on Sri Lanka . It is in this context too, which can be accounted for as how and why it all happened strangely despite within the shortest time even following Pakistani Prime Minister’s official visit to China which means China cared more and gave top preference to its image in the comity of nations than to its hyped “solid friendship” with Pakistan. India, thus succeeded in nailing Pakistan sponsored terrorism while Pakistan was left red faced at the World Body. India has every reason to feel at the top as it succeeded in ensuring that global powers fell in line while Indian stand, in respect of the attacks carried on the Indian Parliament Building, at Pathankot and Uri camps, Pulwama and other places by the notorious terror outfit under Azhar’s command, stand fully vindicated.
Needless to add, a proposal to declare as an international terrorist was taken by the United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee nearly three months after the notorious terrorist organisation headed by Azhar carried out a dastardly terror attack on CRPF Convoy in Pulwama, Kashmir. By declaring Masood as a global terrorist, it means, besides other vulnerabilities against him, his finances, assets and properties now falling liable for being frozen. Since Masood has been banned by the UN, he cannot nor any of the outfits run by him under any alias, get any funding from any quarter of any country. The latest move can better be classified as a biggest diplomatic coup for India after the military win of Balakot strikes. It would be advisable for Pakistan in her own interests and all those concerned agencies and elements active in that country promoting hate and fanaticism based terrorism, to see global reaction against the scourge of terrorism and mend its ways to positively contribute as a civilised nation to global peace and amity. In the meantime, the acid test of its sincerity and in having learnt any lessons from Wednesday’s UN mood can be judged in how soon it decides to stop and discourage any move to continue supporting, funding, arming and training terrorists for creating disturbances and violence in parts of Jammu and Kashmir.


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