Complete Bandipora Hospital

It is only to be believed that even after eight years, District Hospital at an estimated cost of Rs.24.32 crores in Bandipora is still not complete in construction having missed many deadlines. As many as 50,000 residents from a radius of 40 villages are dependent on this hospital. The need to have a spacious building to house the hospital was felt to resolve the problem of huge rush of patients and consequent overcrowding , less space for Doctors to examine incoming patients, using space outside the main hospital building for various facilities and to overcome the hardships to the medical staff and others.
It is reported that full two years in the beginning were virtually lost in settling some disputes between some local groups while as the last three years witnessed construction work in fits and starts mode which caused more delay in declaring the building ready for occupancy. Not only this, even after somehow 90 per cent of the work having been completed, liabilities of payments are to the tune of Rs. 7 crores. Anyway, the new structure in its semi completed form could be used, as per the feelings of many residents; to address overcrowding and associated issues but some remaining minor works are coming in the way. However, some ‘finishing touches’ are reported to be required to be given to the incomplete work of construction which officially is said to take additional three months. The hospital is only then expected to be shifted to the new building and it remains to be seen whether this ‘final’ deadline would see the light of the day or not.