Martyrs’ Memorials

O P Sharma
Prof Shiv Nirmohi, a prolific writer who has done commendable service in highlighting social, cultural, literary and a historical aspects of Dogras and Dogri language has come out with another book on martyrs’ memorials. It gives a vivid account of their daring deeds and attained martyrdom with spotlight on the memorials.
He has so far authored over three-dozen books in Dogri, Hindi and English highlighting the various aspects of life these people. His latest contribution entitled: ” Duggar Ke Shaheedi Samark” in Dogri language is his vivid account of our prominent memorials spread across Jammu region.
This 234-page book is a valuable description of scores of famous memorials dotting the Duggar. Some of them are just known all over the world for their daring deeds and nationalism. He has chapter-wise categorized and thrown light on each of these memorials serving as valuable legacy as some of them secured and consolidated India’s northern borders in the past.
Detailed description has been made of the memorials of Vir Banda Singh Bahadur, well-known General Zorawar Singh, Gen Baj Singh, Brigadier Rajinder Singh, Savior of Kashmir;Major Som Nath, first recipient of Vir Charkra in Independent India’s; Brig Usman, fighter of Jhangar, Major Narayan Singh, Saheed Havaldar Abdul Hamid, Saheed Pritam Singh, Saheed Mustaq Ahmad, Gen Bikram Singh and so on . It has also thrown ample light on various other memorials at Jammu, Rajouri, Darhal, Mendhar, Udhampur, Tata Pani and numerous others which are frequented by the people to periodically offer their homage.
Prof Nirmohi, it is stated has visited most of these revered places, collected historical authentic material from various sources and written in a simple and effective style and chaste Dogri language. This book is a well produced publication which is of deep interest for the academicians, students and common people to make them aware of the proud legacy of men and women who rendered exemplary service to the nation. Both the author as well as the publisher deserve our admiration and gratitude for bringing out this literary piece.
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