Martyr Aurangzeb’s village sans water

One of the best ways of paying our tributes to the Indian brave heart Aurangzeb who attained martyrdom a few days back due to the satanic barbarian acts of terrorists, would be to provide drinking water facilities in  the village , he hailed from  which is reeling under  acute water crisis . The village Salani in Krishna Ghati area of Mendhar Sub Division remained in lime light because of the martyrdom of Aurangzeb where it was found that in this hot summer, people faced lot of difficulties because of water crisis.
The old water supply scheme having gone defunct as most of the supply pipes are broken as also the source of water having gone completely dry, no measures have been taken by the administration to address the problem. The people, here, are thus forced to buy water brought from ponny walas from a Nullah three kms far from the village. As such, it is a daily exercise of finding, buying and paying for water by the residents of this village. Those who cannot afford, have to cover long distances to find water. Furthermore, this untreated water is not safe for drinking.
The Unioin Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, during her visit to this village recently was surprised to see water being carried in containers on the horses back. She was told by the residents of the village about their difficulties in this regard.
It would be in the fitness of things, looking to the problems faced by the brave heart’s village as also the adjoining ones, to resolve the water problem and for the time being, arrangements for water tankers be made  by the authorities concerned.