Many from deprived sections not aware of their rights, Govt’s welfare initiatives: President

NEW DELHI, Dec 2: President Ram Nath Kovind on Thursday said Constitutional provisions provide the state to develop educational and economic interests of the SCs and STs, but a lot remains to be done by the country and society.
The President said this while inaugurating the fifth international Ambedkar conclave organised by the forum of SC and ST legislators and parliamentarians and Dr Ambedkar Chamber of Commerce here.
Kovind said many people from the deprived sections are not aware of their rights and government’s initiatives for their welfare.
“Therefore, it is the responsibility of the members of this forum to make them aware about their rights and government’s initiatives,” he said.
The president said that it is also their responsibility to take forward the people of scheduled castes and tribes who have been left behind in the developmental journey.
In our Constitution, many provisions have been made to protect the interests of those belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, he said.
Article 46 of the Constitution directs that the state shall develop the educational and economic interests of the SCs and STs with special care, the president said.
“Also, in this article, the state has been directed to protect them from social injustice and all forms of exploitation. A number of institutions and procedures have been put in place to give effect to these guidelines. There has been lot of improvements. But, a lot remains to be done by our country and society,” Kovind said.
The President said Babasaheb Bheem Rao Ambedkar was in favour of awakening the moral conscience of the society.
“He used to say that rights cannot be protected only by laws, but it is also necessary to have moral and social consciousness in the society. He always emphasised on non-violent and constitutional means,” Kovind was quoted as having said in a statement issued by the Rashtrapati Bhavan. (PTI)